• New Security Steps for New Customers

    April 26, 2016 by iEdit Network Admin
  • This is a public notice to all customers.

    On March 28, 2016, the iEdit Network became involved with a customer/client who claimed to request services valuing over $4,000. Upon receiving this payment we followed through with our joint contract and proceeded with custom development work. The iEdit Network continued working on the project for the following two weeks until the customer filed a fraudulent charge report with their bank claiming we processed a payment they had not authorized. We are currently fighting this scam and will keep our customers up-to-date on this issue. To read more on this common scam tactic, check out Wolf Creek Technology's blog on this issue against web developers.

    To avoid this issue, the iEdit Network has immediately started implementing a process to further verify clients via some processes as laid out below:

    • Email Verification
    • Phone Verification
    • Business Owner Public Tax Document┬áVerification
    • Credit Card Address Verification
    This process is to only affect new and incoming clientele. For those who have any questions about this process, simply contact support.

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