• Form System Update 1.4.1

    June 21, 2017 by Shane Hicks
  • Starting today, our form management system will be undergoing updates to add additional features and correct a few bugs some users have been experiencing.

    • New: Restrict access to Login page by IP addresses
    • New: Administrators can assign Themes and Templates to other users
    • New: Field Variables in the URL to be redirected
    • New: Remove javascript code in the HTML generated by the form builder
    • Improved: Hide empty fields in email notifications and confirmations
    • Improved: Access to forms and themes by advanced users
    • Fixed: Conditional validation with double CSS class
    • Fixed: Email notifications in text plain
    • Fixed: Email notifications without no-reply email address
    • Fixed: Translate Password Protected Form label
    • Fixed: Form Validation with two select lists
    • Fixed: Form Builder access by an Advanced User
    • Fixed: Multi Step forms with pages without any field
    • Fixed: Html tags in a Hidden Field (form builder)
    • Fixed: Form Widget (postMessage) in some versions of IE

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