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Adding Products to the eShop™ system is easy. Simply enter the information that is required. Below is an explanation for each field and what it's for.

  1. Product name - This is the title of the product. Required
  2. Product description - Give the customer a detailed expectation of this product. We recommend at least 3 sentences. The full description will be displayed below the product section in the Description tab on the accordion. Required
  3. Product category - This will help the user find the product by grouping them by similarities. Required
  4. Product price - Enter the amount the product is to be sold at. Excluding shipping cost. The currency symbol is set based on the currency in the Settings. Required
  5. Product quantity - Not shown publicly. This helps maintain your inventory and decreases depending on how many the user adds to their cart and completes checkout. Required
  6. Product images - These will be one of the most important parts of the website. The product may have multiple images. Simply Ctrl + Click the images in the image upload tool.
  7. Download (digital product) - If you are selling something the user will download, add it here with the uploader. When the order is complete, the user will receive an email to download the digital product.
  8. Customer options - These will give the user the ability to select variables of the product (e.g. Color, size, etc). To add an option simply click the Add Field button. Note that variables are not subtracted for inventory as their own quantities, but subtracts from the initial Product quantity.**
    1. Title - This will be the name of the option the user has.
    2. Option Type - You can select between a text field, a drop down, or a radio option. To add field options, click the Add Option button.
      1. If the user selects Dropdown, Checkbox, or Radio, the system will ask you for options add to the user's purchase.

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