Viewing Advertising Results

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To view your advertising traffic, you will need a Google account.

Accounts without an existing Google AdWords account
To see your results of your ad, login to your Google Account and check your email for a message from Google AdWords notifying you that you have been invited to view Google AdWords. Simply click the approval link and sign in to your Google Account. Once you have completed this step, we will do a final approval to verify your access. Then we will send you a link to view your Advertising traffic.

Accounts with an existing Google AdWords account
To see the results of your ad, you will need to login to your existing Google AdWords account and determine if you will need your current Google AdWords account. If you decide that you do not need it or that you do not have any ads running, you will need to cancel your Google AdWords account.

At this time, there is no possible way to merge two Google AdWords accounts so if you decide you want to keep your existing Google AdWords account, you will need to create a secondary Google account that you can access your AdWords data. Once you have completed this step, you will need to follow the steps for Accounts without existing Google AdWords account.

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